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      Dear Fellow Information Product Marketer,

      Do you want to use interviews to extend your current product line or launch a new online product?

      Are you doing interviews now, but KNOW you could be significantly better with a little insight and some systems to make the prep easy… Or are you thinking about adding interview content but unsure if you have the chops to do it?

      When I started, I just threw myself into doing interviews. I figured, “how hard can it be if everyone is doing it?”

      I didn’t realize until I had done hundreds of interviews, year in year out, how much strategy goes into a stand-out interview … until I started teaching other info product marketers how to conduct interviews for their product and bonus material.

      Once I started explaining what I do, rather than just doing it, I got a real appreciation for the preparation and skill that goes into a truly excellent interview.

      I read everything I could and studied great interviewers like Charlie Rose and “Baba Wawa”… examining James Lipton and Marcel Proust, even reading the questions asked of celebrities in Vanity Fair and TIME.

      I became fascinated with how to crack a person open at a deep level to reveal those keen insights.

      First I started sharing what really works with the forty podcasters on my network at Personal Life Media, then with the twenty plus information product experts we publish.

      See, I feel a real kinship with info marketers and experts who market products online. I come from marketing and I really jive with those of us who are breaking new ground in the world of product launches, continuity programs, upsells…the whole ball of wax.

      And after years of helping people just like you with zero broadcast experience but a zest for product creation, transform their confidence and become amazing interviewers, I’ve finally put together the answer to the question everyone asks me.

      “How do I conduct a perfect interview, what ARE the secrets?”

      I took the best of my interviews and painstakingly deconstructed what I had done successfully until the key elements emerged and it was clear to me that there is really ONE SECRET that turns a ho-hum interview worth nothing into a life-changing moment for the listener.

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      I promise… you’ll be impressed by how easy it is to finesse some momentous new revelations during your first or next interview.

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As a speaker trainer for 40 years, I've never been interviewed more expertly than by Susan Bratton. She's a pro of the highest caliber. *Let her teach you.* And she cleverly uses my Decker Grid System for interview preparation. It's a terrific application

150 ——Bert Decker, Founder and Chairman, Decker Communications

"Susan Bratton’s “Masterful Interviews” workshop answered all my questions about how to conduct a successful on-air interview and provided me with step-by-step instructions on the entire process, including inviting guests, question preparation, interview techniques and even show production tips! As a PR person, it’s helped me help my clients better prepare for interviews and given me tons of ideas on how to promote their appearances – before and after. Podcasters, TV and radio hosts, writers, marketers, publicists and guests will find this program of great value – no matter what side of the microphone they’re on."

151 ——Helena Bouchez, Principal, Helena B Communications

All of Susan's capabilities are evident on DishyMix, where she gets the most out of her guests and always shares something worth knowing. I could think of no better partner for building an audience, attracting advertisers and developing a devoted base of fans. There isn't a new media or social networking trick that Susan doesn't know how to employ for ultimate success.

152 ——Scott Sherman, Podcast-Award nominated Host of “Digital Photography Life;" author, First You Fall

DishyMix cuts through the clutter with fascinating guests, routinely shocked out of press release mode into pure authenticity by Susan's beguiling insight.

177 ——Brooks Cole, Founder and CEO,

"From my years of broadcast experience, using Masterful Interviews' easy techniques will be instrumental in building your audience and income to its full potential. Susan's advice is easy to implement, will increase your content's value and I wish I had this product earlier in my career."

225 —— Ed Smith, Author, “Conduct Knockout Broadcast Interviews”

      C’mon. The big idea is right here, right now.

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      Susan Bratton
      Author, Masterful Interviews and Talk Show Tips
      CEO, Personal Life Media

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